We’ve helped children and families flourish

Every day we work with children and families to help them make positive, lasting changes. Read about some of our clients’ journeys.

Earthquake impacting children

Sam’s story

Going to school became traumatic. Sam had weekly counselling sessions with Jacob for ten weeks, and Beth began to notice changes straight away.

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A Supporter’s story

Earthquake Support is there to help and assist you when dealing with your earthquake rebuild becomes too much by yourself.

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Lana’s story

Last year, Lana and her three children slept on a friends matress in Ashburton. Her violent former partner had recently been jailed.

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Regan’s story

Last Christmas, residents at KINECT , our supported accommodation and community support service received some Christmas gifts.

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Bob’s story

When Bob*, an active, sociable 84 year old, took a fall recently, it wasn't the physical impact that caused him to struggle.

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Judy comes home

When builders poured the foundations for her new home - in the wrong place, Judy knew that she couldn't manage her rebuild alone.

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Susan’s story

Susan reached a crisis point with her family two years ago when their house was flooded in the Murphy Street floods.

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Daniel’s story

Daniel arrived in Christchurch alone and traumatised from the North Island. He flew out recently ready to pursue his dreams.

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