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Your financial support means we can help more people, in more areas.

We’re committed to extending support to those who need it throughout the upper South Island. Please help us to make a difference to the afraid, alone or disconnected in your region.

Read how we've helped Where needed most

Your donation will go towards an area that most needs your support, whether it is parenting programmes, social work support or helping families in any another way needed.

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Read how we've helped Become a Guardian Angel

Being a Guardian Angel means knowing that every day you are making a lasting positive difference for vulnerable families and children in your community.

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Read how we've helped The Power of Connection

We are getting back to basics and helping people in your community meet their most basic needs. Make a difference with your tax-deductible donation and you can be part of people helping people in your community.

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Elderly client involved with carer smiling hugging

Read how we've helped Day Programme Resources

Social isolation is a significant contributor to poor health and wellbeing for older people. Help us to help the elderly stay connected within their communities.

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