Creating a better life for generations to come

A bequest to Presbyterian Support Upper South Island is a simple way to make a positive impact for future generations.

It’s also a personal way to make sure your values and beliefs live on to benefit others. Your gift will help create stronger communities and fund social services that create a better New Zealand for all who live here regardless of circumstance, culture or religion. Anyone can leave a bequest and whatever the size of your gift, it will make a positive difference.

How to leave a gift

To leave a gift like this, you need to make a will. A solicitor or professional trustee can help make sure your wishes are clearly known. Once you have provided for your family and friends, we hope you will leave a gift to Presbyterian Support Upper South Island- thank you!

Bequests can be made in a number of ways, for example:

  • Residual: a gift from the remainder of your estate, after providing for your loved ones and settling any taxes and charges.
  • Percentage: a specified percentage of your estate.
  • Specific/ pecuniary: a specified amount of money, items of property, stocks or shares.
  • Whole estate: an entire estate is usually left by someone without beneficiaries or who wants to achieve something very significant.

How your gift helps

Your bequest could be used long into the future for:

  • counselling for children affected by family violence
  • social work support to help families through tough times
  • parenting programmes for mums and dads
  • budgeting advice so people can manage their own finances.

Bequests “for general purposes” allow us to use gifts where most needed, but you can specify an area of our work that is of special interest to you if you wish.

A bequest in action

A bequest from the estate of John R. Lang funds “essentials” packs for women on their release from prison. The packs supplement our Out of Gate service, helping women reconnect with their community and make a fresh start.

For executors and solicitors

If you are helping someone prepare a will or add to their existing will, please use this wording:

“I give to Presbyterian Support Upper South Island the sum of $XXX (or the residue of my estate, or a percentage of my estate) for its general purposes. I declare that the official receipt of Presbyterian Support Upper South Island will be sufficient receipt and discharge for my trustees.”

Our Charities Commission number is CC21765.

A Lawyer’s Perspective on Charitable Bequests

Tracy Yarrell of Duncan Cotterill was asked what people should consider when leaving a bequest to their favourite charity. Her response? “Use a lawyer”.

Read the full story to find out more about what Tracy Yarrell suggests to do when considering bequests.

What our supporters say

“I have been associated with Presbyterian Support as a supporter over many years. I am particularly enthusiastic about the amazing work they are doing out in the community in so many ways”

“Through my bequest I am able to leave a tangible memorial to help Presbyterian Support carry on their much-needed services.”