A Colourful Farewell to Our Building

A Colourful Farewell to Our Building

This article was written by Monique Steele and appeared in the Christchurch Mail on 12/10/2017.

Artists Wanted for Demo Art Project

A building awaiting demolition will be given a colourful farewell. Artists will make their mark on the walls of the Presbyterian Support Services building on Bealey Ave before the earthquake-damaged building will be demolished in late November.

The building sustained damage during the Christchurch earthquakes and needed to be rebuilt. The open art project, in which artists from all over Christchurch can register interest, will take place on November 11 and 12. The art-filled walls will be open to the public to view from mid-November until its demolition.


Presbyterian Support Upper South Island (PSUSI)’s art project was the group’s way of honouring more than 100 years of social service in New Zealand, based at the Bealey Ave premises for the last 24 years. ‘‘We do so much amazing stuff and the public don’t really know,’’ said PSUSI marketing and communications advisor Vivienne Wallace. ‘‘It’s not just an opportunity for people to graffiti the building, it’s people who have an emotional connection to what we’re doing for people.’’

PSUSI supported children, youth, older people and families from Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast, North and Mid-Canterbury, and Christchurch communities with services including social work, counselling, programmes for the elderly and community initiatives. ‘‘We’d love to have all quarters of the community, reflecting all the different areas of the community.’’


Resene will donate the paint to the project. Photographs will be taken of the building to document the art for the organisation’s 2018 calendars. PSUSI will leave its current earthquake-damaged site next month, moving into temporary offices in central city.

Vaughan Milner, PSUSI Chief Executive said the new temporary Amuri St premises will be a good spot for clients and staff over the next year. ‘‘We’re very excited about being able to rebuild and plan a fresh start in new premises at 44 Bealey Ave.’’


In 2016/17 more than 7200 clients used 66 PSUSI services through the 10 regional or satellite service centres throughout the upper South Island.

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