We would like to thank everyone who kindly supported us in 2017-2018.   A special mention to the people and organisations below for their generosity.


Trusts and Foundations:

Bill Blackadder Trust, Blogg Charitable Trust, Christchurch City Council, Community Trust of Mid & South Canterbury Inc., Farina Thompson Charitable Trust, Foodstuffs Community Trust, Good in the Hood, Jones Foundation, Lottery Grants Board, Mackenzie Charitable Foundation, Marlborough District Council, New Zealand Red Cross, R G & E F MacDonald Trust Board, Rata Foundation, Riccarton Youth Trust, Tindall Foundation, Trevor Wilson Trust, West Coast Community Trust, Wilks Charitable Trust, William Toomey Charitable Trust.


Yvonne V Butler, Robert T Dodds, Estate Stewart Maxwell Duff, Peter J Gofton, Mavis M Mateer, Myra M McKie, Amy V McLaren, Margaret J Snelling, Ngaire E Wade.

Perpetual Estates:

Estate Donald Alexander Manson, Estate Dorothy Blanche Smith, Estate Hugh Monro, Estate Iris Utterson-Kelso, J A Macpherson Charitable Trust, McGruer Fund, Robert Malcolm Trust, The CG Tate Charitable Trust, The Philip Brown Fund.


GB Robertson Partnership Limited, Walter A van Der Kley, Mayfield Parish and Charitable Trust, Dianne Brooks, Robert A Jones, M Miller, Margaret E Pidgeon, Pamela R Williams, New World Ashburton, Jean Lawrie, Agnes A Money, Elizabeth M Campbell, Ellis R Buchanan, John C McKean, Lynette M Murdoch, Elizabeth J Grierson, Lisa J Tinning, Veronica M Anderson, Prudence M Cotter, Natasha McKenzie, Clare L Rutherfurd, Ian A Smith, Raymond J Townley, G B Tulloch, Hinds Cooperating Parish, AD & JR Chittenden Family Trust, Patricia A Edward, Colin A Lill, Duncan E Moffat, Altrusa International of Ashburton, P.A.M.S. Shop Trust, Rotary Club of Riccarton, Alister D Argyle, J Ballantyne & Co. Ltd., William P Loughton, Diana M Broughton, Gail F Ferguson, William M Turner, Alan J Blair, John T Chambers, Isobel Hale, Robert S Long, Lee-Anne M Powell, Eslie M Rowe, Raymond M Tull, Ian Glassey Fund.

Thank you also to those who donated blankets, knitting, produce and other goods.