Bob’s story

When Bob*, an active, sociable 84-year-old, fell recently, it wasn’t the physical impact that caused him to struggle.

Bob had lived alone for many years and was a socially active member of his community. After a bad fall, when he tripped on some garden edging, Bob lost emotional and psychological confidence. He came to the Enliven Falls Prevention Programme, somewhat depressed, for help in regaining his muscle strength and balance, recalls Alicia Frost, Enliven Registered Nurse and ‘Falls Champion’.

“Bob could soon see that all was not lost and that with a few exercises and a little help with mobility, he could get back to the life he so enjoyed.”

He made rapid progress and, after assessment, was given a walking stick to aid mobility outdoors and a toilet surround to improve mobility on and off the toilet. Within eight weeks, Bob was back to his social self.

“The Enliven Falls Prevention Programme goes beyond simply helping clients to build strength and improve balance,” says Alicia. “As part of the programme, we also make sure that home environments are safe. If they’re not, we are accredited to request that equipment essential to our clients’ independent living is provided in a timely manner.”

*not his real name.

“Sometimes we make what seem like small changes but those changes can profoundly affect multiple areas of a person’s life.”