Daniel’s story

Two years ago, Daniel* was 16 years old and had moved to Christchurch from the North Island after a significant traumatic experience.

Dan and Youth Service Coach, Alannah Winters, worked together to find a place to stay that was safe and stable. After a couple of false starts, Dan moved in with a very supportive, older couple. Once settled, Alannah helped Dan turn his attention to education.

Again, after a few false starts, Dan settled into an IT course at CPIT, working part-time to cover costs. Thanks to Alannah and the generosity of a local IT firm, Dan had the computing equipment he needed. He also worked with Alannah to complete our budgeting course.

Imagine the team’s surprise when Dan walked into the Linwood office carrying a computer, a cell phone, a box of Weetbix and a tin of Drinking Chocolate.

“Dan said he wanted to give these to the Youth Service team so that they could help someone else move on with their lives just as he had been able to do,” says Alannah. “He said he wanted to offer someone else the opportunity to have a laptop and a phone as he knew how hard it was living on a benefit.”

Alannah recalls that even when times were incredibly tough, she and Dan would talk of the end-goal. For Dan, that was to find somewhere stable to live, to finish his studies and then to travel and experience the world. Two years on, looking taller and more confident, Dan told the team that he’d finished his studies and was about to fly to Australia to fulfill his dream to travel. He credits Alannah and the Youth Service team with being instrumental in helping him to change his life. “There were a few tears of joy shed that day,” recalls Alannah.

The laptop and phone have now been loaned to another client.

*Not his real name.

“He said he wanted to offer someone else the opportunity to have a laptop and a phone.”