Susan’s story

When Susan’s son, Joel, was traumatised after evacuating their house due to flooding, a Presbyterian Support Family Works social worker helped Joel with coping strategies.

Susan reached a crisis point with her family when their house was flooded. A nearby culvert overflowed forcing a rapid evacuation. Such was the speed of the floodwaters, Susan’s son Joel witnessed the devastation to both his home and the family pets.

Fortunately for the family, one of our social workers was checking in regularly with Joel’s kindergarten through the Social Workers in Schools (SWiS) programme. She stepped in to support Susan and her family at this traumatic time.

Joel had witnessed many frightening events the night of the flood and was highly traumatised.

Our social worker helped Joel to make sense of what he had seen and supported Joel to learn coping strategies for when he was overwhelmed by his ‘big emotions’.

Two years on, Susan is still in contact with her social worker and Joel is about to start school.

“We had such great support from Family Works after the floods,” says Susan. “It helped me. It definitely made a big difference to my son Joel. We are so grateful for them being at Joel’s kindy at that time.”

“It helped me. It definitely made a big difference to my son Joel.”