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A gifted artist

17 March 2022
Champagne Dela Cruz

Champagne Dela Cruz is a determined young woman who moved to Franz Josef on the West Coast several years ago and studied at South Westland Area School in Hari Hari. Her CV is a testament to her hard work and broad range of academic, sporting and outdoor achievements.

For some time when Champagne was younger, she didn’t believe she had any artistic talent but one of her teachers, Angela Fox, disagrees, arguing, “I have yet to see a piece of work from Champagne where she did not add some creative artistic flair.”

Champagne is a 2021 recipient of a Dennis Moore Memorial scholarship, was awarded $2000, and is now studying Spatial Design at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

For many years Champagne has had a fondness for interior design, using YouTube tutorials and inspiration from digital creators to help her polish her techniques and give her the determination to become a spatial designer.

Teacher Angela Fox adds that Champagne has made the most of her opportunities and was an exemplary student both on and off school grounds.

“Champagne has identified her preferred career pathway and worked towards it as best she could, given the limited resources of our small school.”

While her whānau have limited income, that’s not stopping Champagne from pursuing her dreams which is why the scholarship means a lot to her.

“The scholarship money will lift the financial burden off my parent’s shoulders and create less stress when pursuing my passion.”

We wish Champagne all the very best for her future.

The potential of young people

Dennis Moore saw the potential in young people and wanted to leave a lasting legacy. You can help young people like Champagne as well by helping them have a brighter future. Would you consider making a donation? We would be truly grateful.

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