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A home of your own choosing means so much

08 March 2022
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Harriet* is an older person experiencing several age-related issues, including Alzheimer’s disease. She lives with her adult son Stephen* who, while determined to take care good care of her, must manage some mental health issues of his own.

Petra*, an Enliven social worker, has been supporting Harriet and Stephen to enhance their living conditions for everyone’s best wellbeing and safety. Petra has supported Stephen, who has hoarding tendencies, to accept a de-clutter person to help him dispose of some items and improve floor accessibility so Harriet can move around safely. Harriet now attends Harakeke Club two days a week and Petra has started talking with Stephen about his plans for a future in which Harriet may finally need to go into care.

“Harriet’s own home provides an environment she has known and felt safe in for many years,” said Petra. “Plus, she can spend time with her son, who she trusts and has a close relationship with.”

Harriet’s being at home benefits her son too—it’s enabled him to develop social connections to support him in the future when he may experience loss and grief at Harriet’s leaving.

*Names and photos have been changed to protect privacy

About Harakeke Club

Enliven Harakeke Club provides day activity programmes for people diagnosed with cognitive impairment/dementia.

Housed in our purpose-built dementia facilities, our programmes offer interesting, age- and ability-appropriate activities in a safe, inviting environment.

Our aim is to help those with dementia to remain socially active and engaged while their carers take some time out. We put special emphasis on enhancing dignity and wellbeing.

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Will you help?

If you make a donation you will be helping people like Harriet and Stephen to have dignity, be socially connected and safe. We would be very grateful if you could consider giving a gift. Thank you.

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