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A network of support

22 September 2022
Network Illustration

Te Whiri Ora is a coordination service, which launched in February 2022. As a ‘Right Service, Right Time’ initiative, our combined mission is to create a network of supports for children/tamariki, young people/rangatahi and their family/whānau, in ways that work for them, when they need it.

Our coordinators work alongside whānau, extended whānau, and professionals to create realistic goals and a plan to move forward. Our approach is whānau centred - ensuring their voices are heard, that we uphold their mana, and support their self-determination.

Since its launch, the service has supported many whānau in the greater Canterbury region with a wide range of challenges. Our networks have assisted whānau into the appropriate services/agencies and put them in touch with the right people to support them. Every whānau is different, therefore everyone’s journey through the service will look slightly different too.

Building relationships

The Hogan* family were facing several challenges. One of the tamariki and a parent were diagnosed with anxiety, the tamariki were lacking engagement at school, and the whānau required urgent housing.

There were various agencies already involved, the child was receiving counselling, and they had good extended whānau relationships and support, “They just really needed help bringing everyone together” says Te Whiri Ora coordinator Amy*.

Amy began building a trusting relationship with the parents, so they felt comfortable with a whānau meeting/rāranga-a-whānau. She discussed what the process might look like and what the whānau’s goals/aims were, so they felt more relaxed and prepared for the meeting. One of the parents had no prior relationship with the school, so Amy invited the school to the meeting to help develop their relationship.

It was a successful whānau meeting with the counsellor, school staff, both parents, and extended whānau all present. Also, Amy used her existing network relationship to gather some useful housing information to share with the whānau.

The whānau thanked Amy and said they felt the process had been very positive – they had been listened to and their voices heard. Amy says, “Just feeling heard, can really make all the difference.”

For further information on the Te Whiri Ora service, call 0800 839 447, or visit the website

You can help make a difference

The Hogan family and others like them, just want to be heard. Thanks to our Te Whiri Ora service they can be. Will you consider donating today so we can continue to support other families in need? Thank you.

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