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Breaking the cycle of family dysfunction

15 May 2023
Youth Transition Story Content

Referred to Presbyterian Support by Oranga Tamariki, 20-year-old Ari* is a young man who has experienced many traumas and challenges throughout his early years.

Through no fault of his own, Ari found himself in the care of Oranga Tamariki, separated from his siblings, due to extensive family harm. As a child, he was surrounded by abuse, violence, gangs, drugs, and resulting police involvement.

Ari now lives with his partner and their two young children. One of his children has a disability and requires ongoing support. Ari has been unable to work due to mental and physical health issues and day-to-day life has been hard, juggling a household, budgeting, and being a good father and partner - at times it has been extremely stressful, but Ari has been proactive in breaking the cycle of family harm that he witnessed as a child.

The family has had to live in emergency housing and are currently boarding, a situation which could change at any time. Due to their location, with no public transport, it has been difficult for the family to get to appointments, or to the supermarket. Also, Ari’s Grandmother lives in a different town and is terminally ill – so sadly, the family has been unable to visit her for some time due to the cost of travel.

However, with the ongoing support of Presbyterian Support and Youth Transition Worker, Adele* the young family has a much more positive outlook. Adele has been working with Ari on his mental and physical health, so he is better equipped to look for work. She has supported him in connecting with ACC counselling and male mentors, as well as parenting skills courses. She has helped with food security and advocating for him in terms of housing and has helped him to access the financial support he requires.

Adele has also helped Ari to obtain his driver’s licence and in finding suitable options for him to purchase a vehicle. He has recently completed a first aid course and is now considering opportunities for further training. Adele has built a strong relationship with Ari, being there for him when he needed support and guidance, and being an advocate for him as he has become more independent. She says, “It makes me incredibly proud and honoured to witness how this young man is working hard to break the cycle of family harm. He is a very hands-on and loving father who is working hard to build a better future for himself and his family.”

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Youth Transition to Adulthood Service

Presbyterian Support, in partnership with Oranga Tamariki, provides young people from the age of 15 with a gradual and supported transition from care, giving them a helping hand into the next stage of their lives. Young adults can request advice and assistance until they reach 25 years of age.

The team assists young people in the development of skills and knowledge and supports them to develop and learn from their experiences, with a focus on building and strengthening their support network. It is a youth-led approach allowing the young person to have more say and increasing responsibility.

For further information on the Youth Transition to Adulthood service, visit the OrangaTamariki website.

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