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Creating strong relationships

22 September 2022
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Mel McLauchlan moved to Christchurch over 20 years ago. She currently lives just outside the city and works full-time managing a customer service team. Despite her busy schedule, she still finds time to volunteer as a Presbyterian Support mentor for a couple of hours each Sunday.

Why volunteering?

Mel wanted to become a volunteer to give back to the community and dedicate some of her free time to people in need. She says, “If everyone could help someone in a little way, it would be a different world.” After stumbling across mentoring and Presbyterian Support in an Internet search, Mel thought it would be the perfect fit for her and has been with the organisation since the beginning of the year.

Creating a strong relationship

“Being herself and having no expectations” are what Mel believes have helped build a strong relationship with her current mentee. Not being a parent, or having any teaching experience, Mel feels she can provide the freedom for her mentee to just “be a kid”, whilst still providing the necessary boundaries.

Mel organises a variety of activities and tries to include the outdoors as often as she can. Visits have included the beach, museums, art centres, farm parks and recreation parks. She says, “Whatever we do, we always seem to have a good time.”

A rewarding role

When asked what Mel enjoys most about being a mentor, she replied, “There are so many reasons to love it! It’s very rewarding.” She also says that she can still do the things she enjoys, like going to the beach, but with the added benefit of sharing it with someone else.

For anyone considering becoming a mentor, Mel says that “You don’t realise how rewarding it is until you’re doing it and it adds to someone else’s life as much as it does to your own. The more people that know about it, the better.”


For information on becoming a mentor for Presbyterian Support, please visit our mentor web page here


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