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Finding a suitable place to recover

21 September 2022

Graham* had been bedridden for months whilst awaiting surgery. With his mobility issues, he needed help finding suitable housing that would be available once he left hospital, so he requested the support of our Enliven East Christchurch Older Adult/Kaumātua Service. 

He wanted a simple unit with kitchenette, bathroom and living area, but needed to be near a pool and gym to help with his rehabilitation. Also, the housing needed to suit his limited budget.

Social Worker, Hannah* managed to find something that matched all of Graham’s needs. However, the property belonged to an organisation, and their units were usually occupied by patients. The organisation had never rented privately before, so Hannah became an advocate for Graham. She attended viewings on his behalf and set up multiple meetings between herself, Graham, and the property manager to discuss arrangements. The original rent was too high; however, Hannah negotiated a reduction in the weekly rent, so it became more affordable.

Graham was accepted as a tenant and the unit was ready for him on the day he was discharged from hospital. Hannah helped set up the unit and ensure he had everything he needed. An item was unsuitable for Graham post-surgery, so Hannah contacted an occupational therapist at the hospital to replace the item. She also contacted Habit Health to ensure that Graham has a suitable wrap-around service to continue looking after his wellbeing going forward.


*Names and images have been changed to protect client privacy

Enliven East Christchurch Older Adult/Kaumātua Service 

The Enliven East Christchurch Older Adult/Kaumātua Service aims to support the independence, social inclusion, health and wellbeing of our valued older people/kaumātua who live in the East Christchurch suburbs.

Our highly qualified and passionate staff provide the following free services:

  • Counselling
  • Advocacy
  • Whānau/family support
  • Social work

Our staff are there when you need emotional support and a listening ear, a neutral advocate for you and your whānau, or just someone to talk to in confidence.

For more information about this service, visit our web page.

Help people like Graham

Our Enliven East Christchurch Older Adult/Kaumātua Service supports people like Graham with their independence, social inclusion and health and wellbeing. Please help us to continue this valued service by donating today! Thank you.

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