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Meet Melbin Varghese

24 November 2021
Melbin Varghese

Melbin likens his voluntary role at the Tōtara Club in Riccarton to that of being treated as a special guest and no wonder given his kindness and willingness to help others.

Until recently, Melbin had been a volunteer van assistant for the Enliven service after ‘Googling’ for opportunities to meet new people.

What he found was the opportunity to take care of older people as he had done similar work back in his native India.

“As an immigrant, and not having any family members in New Zealand, working with older people and making a commitment was a wonderful experience for me. Whenever I went to the Tōtara Club everyone treated me as a special guest. I remember Ainslie with particular fondness. She is a wonderful person who made me feel very welcome. Andrew and Lynn were also very patient with me as I asked many questions!”

Melbin came to New Zealand in 2020 as a student and graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics Management. Soon after, he discovered the Tōtara Club were looking for a van assistant and he jumped at the opportunity.

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