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Mentor forms a strong bond

23 February 2022
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When volunteer fireman Daniel hung up his coat and helmet after 14 years, he wasn’t sure how to give back to his community next. But with three teenage children growing more independent every day, Daniel decided to become a mentor to a child.

“I figured it would be right up my alley,” he said. Now Daniel spends a couple of hours each weekend with Lachie*, a smart and lively six-year-old.

“He’s always keen to see me,” said Daniel. “He waits for me on the fence, eager to get going, and is disappointed when it’s time to go home. He always tries to negotiate ways to have more time.”

When Daniel and Lachie hang out, simple activities are special. “We fixed his bike because it was rundown and now we go for bike rides,” said Daniel. “We also go swimming. And he loves coming to my house and playing with my kids’ old Lego—with Lachie I get to do all the young kid stuff again.”

The pair has formed a strong bond, though Lachie is always quick to point out that Daniel is “just my mentor, not my dad”. “I can see how living without a dad has had a big impact,” Daniel said. “I think as a mentor you generally do make a big difference by just getting the kids out of home for a while. It fills the heart quite a bit. It’s very rewarding, that’s for sure.”


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