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Moving day

01 December 2021

Moving day is often not without its challenges, but for 80-year-old Ngaire*, those challenges were almost a bridge too far. Enter Enliven East Christchurch Kaumātua Service social worker Immy!

Ngaire had lived in her rental kāinga/home for 14 years. She was well settled, liked living in the area, had strong community ties and was close to the amenities she frequently used. But when Ngaire was told her unit (and her neighbour’s unit) were to be torn down so new town houses could be built, she was forced to look for a new home, something she struggled to do.

The 80-year-old has no computer and no internet and as rental accommodation is more often than not advertised online, the monumental task of finding a new kāinga was going to be all but impossible.

Ngaire has a strong sense of independence and is reluctant to ask for help but the task of finding a new kāinga was going to test her resolve. Fortunately, she reached out to Presbyterian Support and our new Enliven East Christchurch Kaumātua/Older People service social worker Immy was there to help.

Immy was conscious of giving Ngaire as much assistance as she needed whilst boostering Ngaire’s confidence and helping her secure a new kāinga.

It soon became apparent that Ngaire enjoyed the company and security she got from her neighbour Ernie* and some effort was made to see if adjoining properties could be found for the pair. The prospect didn’t look too good but Immy was working hard with Ngaire to find something suitable in the area.

Demand for rental properties is high and with a limited budget, the search proved difficult but Immy and Ngaire weren’t going to let that hinder them! Eventually a suitable unit was found. It was warm, cosy, close to Ngaire’s GP and the supermarket and, even better, a neighbouring unit was also being vacated, making it a perfect new kāinga for Ernie!

Immy’s determination to help Ngaire secure a new kāinga is just one of the practical ways our social workers help people in need. Immy has also been able to successfully encourage Ngaire to purchase a cell phone which is helping her connect with the wider world.

Ngaire and Ernie will move together, knowing that their new kāinga will provide everything they need, including the all-important sense of community and belonging.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy

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