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Preparing for an exceptional retirement

17 May 2023
Retirement Hui Content Blog

While retiring can be a reward for years of hard work, it is also a time of significant change. Many of us nearing the milestone will start to wonder what retirement might look like. It is essential to take the time to understand the process and plan for this important life journey.

This is where Presbyterian Support’s Retirement Preparation Hui is set to make a difference.

With the support of Age Friendly Aotearoa New Zealand, Office for Seniors, Marlborough District Council, and Tricia Dawson, Enliven Team Leader, Blenheim - the retirement programme will soon be available to people in the Blenheim and Marlborough region who are approaching retirement.

Tricia says, “I have been very pleased by the positive response we have received from the Marlborough community to this new initiative. People want to feel like they are proactively preparing for this stage in their lives and employers want to feel like they have contributed to their staff’s retirement.” 

The intention for the Retirement Preparation Hui is to provide vital tips to help soon-to-be retirees to understand the potential challenges, find new purpose, and thrive in their upcoming retirement, for a full, rich, and rewarding life. 

Each hui will take place over six weeks, with attendees set to: 

  • Learn the various stages of retirement
  • Receive the tools to help prepare for and navigate this life change 
  • Develop and implement a retirement plan based on individual needs 
  • Learn ‘top tips’ from those who have already experienced retirement 
  • Hear from a range of experts across a variety of topics including health, finance, employment, and community engagement 
  • Develop friendships through this shared experience 
  • Confirm “What does my retirement look like me for me?”

So far, the project has secured $10,000 in funding to run for an initial 12 months, with three separate groups attending during that time. The first cohort is due to begin the programme on 1 June, followed by the second in August and third in November. 


For more information on the Retirement Preparation Hui – contact Tricia Dawson on 027 389 4305/03 265 4240 or email

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