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Promotion will bring new opportunities

28 November 2021
Muriel Morgan

Muriel Morgan could have retired. She could now be living the dream, putting up her feet and enjoying a life of leisure! But Muriel’s got other things on her mind and age certainly isn’t a barrier!

For seven years Muriel was a financial mentor, a role she is clearly passionate about, so when the opportunity to step into the Team Leader position came up, she jumped at it and her experience, knowledge and wisdom were too good to ignore.

Muriel is looking after a team of five financial mentors (three paid and two voluntary) in Ashburton and Selwyn. Because she has a thorough knowledge of the role, she is in a unique position to develop the team, provide training and support them as they help their clients.

The burden of financial strain is hard to deal with, but mentors have been trained to listen and understand the client’s particular situation, tap into their strengths and be discerning and flexible when it comes to finding appropriate solutions.

When asked what success might look like for Muriel, she says it can be found in different ways. “Primarily it’s about helping people, seeing them being relieved of stress, paying off debt and learning how to create a budget.”

The challenges are large but not insurmountable. Clients may have existing mental health needs, including addiction, they are sometimes distressed and have high levels of anxiety, but Muriel and her team have helped people through clear communication and provided sound financial help.

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