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Tuning Into Kids for deeper connections

17 May 2023

Tuning Into Kids™ for deeper connections

Tuning Into Kids™(TIK) is a parenting programme which helps parents teach their children/tamariki how to understand and regulate their emotions, and how to communicate how they feel. It is a globally recognised programme which Presbyterian Support’s Family Works Service offers. Research has shown that having emotionally competent tamariki leads to increased self-confidence, greater physical health, better performance in school, and healthier social relationships, with fewer behavioural difficulties. This shows just how invaluable it is to teach the skills for emotional intelligence. TIK takes place over six weeks and uses group discussions and exercises, videos, role playing, and home activities to teach parents:

  • Awareness and regulation of their own and their tamariki’s emotions
  • To use their tamariki’s emotional experiences as an opportunity for closeness and teaching
  • How to guide tamariki’s behaviour with appropriate limits
  • Skills to assist tamariki to verbally label and manage their emotions, and problem solve


TIK Dad and Daughter Content

Revitalising relationships

Carol Daw, a kaimahi in Presbyterian Support’s Mana Ake team in Christchurch, says she enjoys running the programme because, “It is about relationship building. It moves right away from the punishment models of the past.” 

And the skills are not just for the parent and child relationship, “The skills are equally useful for other connections too.” Carol explains. “I love seeing the light bulb moments.” Says Carol, “Parents may have been struggling for the first couple of weeks, but after putting their learning into practice, they are so excited to share with the group the difference it has made.” 

This is certainly true for Dad, Tim* who attended the programme. Following Tim’s recovery from a serious medical incident, he would often clash with his daughter, Jessie* and this would lead to arguments. Tim signed up to TIK and after just a couple of sessions, he reported to the group how his relationship with his daughter had completely transformed. Tim said that after applying what he learned through emotion coaching during the sessions, Jessie now talked to him about her problems, so he could offer his full support, rather than turn to arguments like they had done previously. 


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