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Turning a new corner

08 March 2022
mum and child 3

17-year-old single parent Michaela* gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Brody*, but by the time she turned 18 she was unable to live at home because of domestic violence.

Michaela was able to secure emergency accommodation for her and her son so she could start the journey of living independently and safely, and able to provide a secure and happy home life for herself and Brody.

It’s a credit to Michaela’s tenacity and perseverance that her future is looking far more positive now. Her Youth Service Coach, Aaron, has guided Michaela through some difficult times and encouraged her to stay positive.

“Michaela was having to deal with a lot of stress, but her attitude is amazing and she is forging a really great life for herself and Brody,” says Aaron.

“I’m glad I’ve been able to help but Michaela is the one that really deserves the credit. She’s a joy to work with!”

For her part, Michaela is really proud of what she’s been able to achieve so far and is grateful to Aaron for his guidance and understanding.

“Aaron has never judged me but has been a constant source of help and encouragement and I’m really grateful for it,” says Michaela.

“He’s helped me to get on my feet so I can live independently and raise Brody. That’s been a big step and now I can focus on my education and career.”

Michaela and Brody are now living in their own rented home, she is working part-time and she has her restricted driving licence. She has almost completed NCEA Level 3 and has ambitions of becoming an early childhood teacher.

Aaron comments, “I’m not surprised Michaela is an aspiring early childhood teacher. She has got such a great personality and attitude that she’ll reach her goals through hard work and determination.”

*Names and photos have been changed to protect privacy

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