Ashburton Retains Budgeting Support Service

Ashburton Retains Budgeting Support Service

Presbyterian Support, under its Family Works service, will continue to offer free budgeting and financial capability support to struggling families and individuals in Ashburton.

As part of a just-announced agreement between the social service agency and the Ministry of Social Development, Family Works will offer the new-look ‘Building Financial Capabilities’ service from 1 November.

Previously, Family Works had partnered with the Ashburton Budget Advisory Service Board to provide budgeting advice as part of its wrap-around social support services.

“We are delighted to be able to continue to help families and individuals in Mid Canterbury to improve their financial acumen,” says Presbyterian Support Mid Canterbury Regional Manger, Jackie Girvan. “This also gives certainty to our budgeting staff.”

From 1 November, Family Works will offer a mix of one-on-one sessions with financial mentors and small group ‘MoneyMates’ sessions.

Financial Mentors will reframe and build on the service currently provided by budget advisors. ‘MoneyMates’ will offer opportunities for small-group education and support. It will replace current, structured group education programmes.

The intent of the changes made by the Ministry is to improve the financial capability of New Zealanders experiencing hardship in a manner sympathetic to their diverse and complex needs.

Mrs Girvan is positive about the new approach. “Budgeting is only one part of being financially capable,” she says. “For families and individuals facing hardship, there are often multiple and complex factors at play. Having the flexibility to address these in tandem makes sense and is an approach that Family Works has championed since 2014.”

Presbyterian Support will also provide the service in Selwyn district.