Entertainment Book 2018-2019

Entertainment Book 2018-2019

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And help people in YOUR community access the social services they need to become safer, stronger, and more connected.

With a year-long Entertainment Book or Entertainment Digital Membership for just $70, you’ll receive up to $20,000 of discounts off popular activities such as casual or fine dining, family adventures, home and personal services, travel and accommodation, and more.

You’ll earn your purchase price back in no time. So why not save money on the things you love to do, and donate to help the children, youth, older people, and families that Presbyterian Support works with at the same time?

If you pre-order your Entertainment Guide now, you’ll receive over $200 worth of Early Bird vouchers to enjoy before the 2018/19 Entertainment Book goes live in June.

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“The Entertainment Book is great value for such a low price. There are a lot of savings I get back instantly. It more than outweighs the original price. There is something for everyone casual, fine dining, adventure and family. I couldn’t live without it.” – Susan L