Friendship on Fridays at HomeShare

Friendship on Fridays at HomeShare

Yorkshireman John Adcock looks forward to Fridays. It’s the day he dresses up in “decent clothes” to attend HomeShare in St Albans.

John migrated to NZ in the seventies after time in the merchant navy and Australia. While his two adult sons live locally, his extended family remains in England. Before discovering HomeShare, John lived alone and—like many men his age—was at risk of becoming socially isolated. The Canterbury earthquakes didn’t help; he was displaced from Kaiapoi to Redwood before settling at Wendover Rest Home in Papanui.

During the earthquake-related upheaval, HomeShare was a constant in John’s life. “It was somewhere I could go and meet people,” he said.

Every Friday a warm and welcoming van driver transports John from his home. It’s a terrific start to the day; John even enjoys the ride. He says every van driver “has made me feel like a friend and part of the group”.

Over morning tea John re-connects with the several good friends he’s made at HomeShare. Hosts Sheila and Jeanette then facilitate a variety of activities—from games to ability-appropriate exercises. “They always keep us interested,” said John. “They’ve got this knack.”

The benefit John receives from belonging to HomeShare “means a hell of a lot” he says, and positively impacts his life all week, not just on Fridays.