Kids Dress a Grown Up Day

Kids Dress a Grown Up Day

Kids Turn Up the Colour for Kids Dress a Grown Up Day

Kerrie got floral, Blair got electric blue. Turning up the colour on their usually black-clad parents was a theme for kids for the inaugural Kids Dress a Grown Up Day in Nelson on Friday.

Kids chose outfits for their mums, dads, teachers – and even great grandmas to wear for the day. They helped raise funds for Family Works, one of Nelson’s oldest social services agencies.

Victory School in Nelson South made it a whole-school event. Each class got to dress their teacher before a school assembly and Kids Dress a Grown Up Day fashion parade.

Kids dress their teachers  – and great grandma!

Victory School’s Juniper Nevin (5) dressed her mum Sylv and great grandmother Dulcie McMillan (93) for the occasion. “It takes me back to when I used to come and help out at Sylv’s school when she was little,” said Dulcie who surprised everyone by joining in on the catwalk.

Members of Totara, a social and activity group, for older persons in Stoke held a morning tea and invited the grand children of staff members to choose their accessories for the day. “We’ve got a child care centre nearby, next year we’ll invite them to get involved,” said Enliven day services manager Trish Armstrong, who welcomed the opportunity encourage inter-generational events.

Breffni and Blair, DJ’s from MediaWorks, whose MediaWorks Foundation provided free radio advertising for the event, got in on the act too. Breffni was dressed by her cat and Blair’s eight year old daughter managed to find the brightest t-shirt and oldest work shirt in his wardrobe for him to wear (together with a gorilla mask and witch’s hat).

Colour is the new black

If choosing colour for usually black-clad parents was a theme, then so was making Dad look silly. Family works Regional Manager Chris Walsh braved it with underpants on the outside and a Viking hat. Richie Hemingway headed to work in pyjama pants – “I was totally comfortable all day,” he said.

“Kids Dress a Grown Up Day was a lighthearted way to celebrate what we have in own lives and to recognise and support those who live without the safety and protection we take for granted,” said Chris.Family Works has been working with children, youth and susceptible adults for over 100 years, helping them to learn skills and build strategies to make lasting and positive change in their lives. In Nelson-Tasman, the organisation provides counselling; home based social work; family workers in schools and kindergartens; youth counselling and the Family Works Youth Service.

“Our clients often face complex challenges in their lives,” says Chris. “Whether it’s a struggling parent, a family in crisis or a young person with nowhere to turn, we know that they can and do, flourish when they can reconnect with their communities.”
Kids Dress a Grown Up Day was a way for people in nelson to do just that.

Kids Dress a Grown Up Day facts:

  • Held Friday 13th May in Nelson
  • Fundraiser for Family Works in Nelson
  • We asked grown- ups – as an office, a team, or a group of friends, to let the child (or tween) in their lives dress them then to get together for a gold-coin morning tea, lunch or team practise.
  • Radio advertising provided thanks to the generosity of the MediaWorks Foundation, remaining activity coordinated by part time staff and on the smell of an oily rag.

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