Lisbet’s Story – Tōtara Club in Marlborough

Lisbet’s Story – Tōtara Club in Marlborough

Despite her vivacious personality, octogenarian Lisbet was really lonely. A newcomer to Picton, she spent long days at home alone while her family worked and attended school. She couldn’t find a way to make friends. “I wanted to get out of the house and meet people,” she said.

When Lisbet found an Enliven brochure at her doctor’s office, she discovered a solution for her loneliness. It was a brochure for Totara Club, the Enliven day activity programme for older people.

Following a referral from her GP, Lisbet eventually joined the Picton group, which she loves. “They’ve become like family to me and I always look forward to coming,” she says.

Lisbet’s lively personality means that at Totara Club she draws newer or more frail members out of themselves. “There’s no sitting in the sun just waiting for home time when Lisbet’s around,” says Sharaine Steenberg, Presbyterian Support Site Co-ordinator.

“We’d love to grow our Tōtara Clubs in Marlborough,” adds Sharaine. “In our community many older people are hungry for social connection, which is what Presbyterian Support is all about.”