Two Decades of Lotteries Support Reaches $1M

Two Decades of Lotteries Support Reaches $1M

Lotto fun for some in the community is vital funding for others. As such, total financial contributions from the NZ Lottery Grants Board to Presbyterian Support Upper South Island (PSUSI) recently surpassed the one million dollar mark.

To recognise this funding milestone, and to express its appreciation, Presbyterian Support recently invited Lottery Grants Board representatives to a celebratory afternoon tea, where PSUSI Board Chairman Andrew Johnstone presented Trish Hughes and Julia Cleland from the Department of Internal Affairs with a plaque recognising the Lottery Grants Board’s contributions over the last 22 years.

Since 1996 the Board has enabled PSUSI to support the upper South Island with diverse social services and programmes, including Holly House residential home for single mothers in Christchurch, parenting programmes, social work in schools and at home, volunteer programmes, and mentoring for young people. “In particular, the Board’s multi-year funding in 2011 was a timely and considerable boost for quake-struck Canterbury,” said Vaughan Milner, PSUSI CEO. “Our Enliven HomeShare service for vulnerable older people became even more important due to the displacement of families.”

The Board’s longterm support for Presbyterian Support demonstrates how aligned the two organisations’ aims are—the Lottery Grants Board is committed to building stronger communities together, while Presbyterian Support helps “children, youth, older people and families become safe, strong, and connected”.

“We are enormously thankful for the Lottery Grants Board’s support,” said Milner. “Their grant decision-making focuses on our outcomes, which are all the changes, benefits, and learning that happens for people as a result of our activities. So they have clearly considered PSUSI to be a worthy recipient of their support.”