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Trust and Vulnerability - the dance that grows successful teams

It is common knowledge that trust is essential in creating a cohesive team, however many leaders struggle with exactly how to build trust and the role vulnerability plays in this. 

This engaging presentation gives attendees helpful metaphors and language to turn the often-ambiguous concept of trust into practical steps and ways forward aimed at creating productive, transparent, and healthy teams. 

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Courageous Conversations - talking in the spaces that are uncomfortable

Research shows that being able to engage in tough conversations is a critical component to enable teams and organisations to thrive.

It can also be an area where many feel unsure of how to proceed and consequently avoidance, passive aggressive behaviours and other not so healthy alternatives can grow instead. 

This presentation is filled with practical examples and a simple structure that will be useful for all levels of your organisation, helping attendees grow confidence with conversing and stepping into the spaces that are uncomfortable whether they are part of a team or managing a team.

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Burnout - it's real and avoidable

This presentation covers these often talked about, but little understood, areas in the workforce. 

What are your burnout warning signs? What does the research tell us? Is resilience just about bounce back? How do you stay enthused about life? Is this my issue or theirs? Where does self-care fit in and how come the mention of it causes eye-rolls?

While acknowledging the critical role that context and work culture plays in this area, the content covered aims to encourage attendees to make changes that will enable them to remain sustainable and active participants in their own careers and life story. 

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This workshop gives some general information about anxiety, what the signs of anxiety are then looks at strategies and ways of supporting either yourself, your team, and those around you who might be experiencing this. 

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Parenting Presentations:

- Tips for the Primary Years
- Tips for the Teen Years

Gone are the days when it was commonplace to think work and home belonged in two separate compartmentalised boxes which didn’t influence each other.

These sessions support your employees in their parenting journey, as we all know that when things are going well at home, people will be more effective in their work. 

Building on a more integrated view of what it means to be an employer who takes wellbeing seriously, these presentations seek to provide employees with valuable tips to help improve their parenting skills, and support them through the primary and teen years. 

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