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Healing brighter, together

12 March 2024
Mum and son on pier pointing at camera

The Crawford* family had experienced some dark days, however, with care and kindness, they’re on a brighter path together.

Following a series of challenging life circumstances and a tumultuous separation from her children’s father, Nicki*, a devoted Mum of four, faced the difficult task of reuniting her family.

Despite her children living in different regions of the country for several years, Nicki remained committed to securing a safe and stable future for her whānau. 


Welcoming all four children under one roof was a moment of pure joy, however, the family’s reunion was tough.

Adjusting to living together after a long period apart, coupled with their vastly different experiences and environments, tested the family’s resilience.

At thirteen, Amelia* had taken on many of the parental responsibilities and found it challenging to relinquish control back to Mum. Meanwhile, the three boys grappled with past traumas, their emotions reflecting the wounds of their journey. Their conflicts escalated to the point where the police intervened due to noise complaints.

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Nicki, feeling overwhelmed, expressed, “It’s like a ticking time bomb, they need help with their feelings”.

Jackie*, our dedicated Kaiwhiri Coordinator at Te Whiri Ora Right Service Right Time, could see Nicki’s deep desire to reconnect with her whānau.

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Drawing on her extensive community connections and deep understanding of support agencies, Jackie provided invaluable guidance to Nicki.

Recognising the need for additional support, Jackie explored a mentoring programme for the children. Despite encountering a waitlist for this programme, Jackie arranged immediate wellbeing support to address their needs in the interim.

The introduction of Mana Ake Kaiāwhina into the children’s lives marked a turning point.

With their guidance, the children embarked on a journey of self-discovery and emotional regulation. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, they learned invaluable skills in coping with change and articulating their emotions.

“Nicki is proactive and is deeply committed to her children’s wellbeing,” Jackie noted. “She communicates effectively with them, which is commendable.”  As the Crawford family continues their journey towards healing and growth, they do so with newfound confidence and resilience.

Empowered by their collective voice, and a supportive network, they embrace the promise of a brighter tomorrow, together.

*Names and images have been changed to protect privacy.


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