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Helping whānau/families grow together

Are you and your whānau/family struggling to get along? Has one or all of you experienced a traumatic event or do you need help to make positive change in your lives?

We can help you and your whānau to work through issues that may just feel too big for you all to deal with.

There are many ways that our team of counsellors, social workers and psychologists can help. This may include one-to-one counselling sessions, advocacy or other support that are best suited your meet your whānau's needs.

Most important is that you contact us and ask for help. Our services are confidential and free.

What help do you need?

Support for you?
Support for you?

Asking for help when things are tough is ok! Counselling or social work (where someone is there for you as an advocate and guide) are effective ways to start sorting things out. You'll find space to start working on your immediate problems and take away skills that will help you cope with future issues more confidently.

Support for your whānau/family?
Support for your whānau/family?

Are you struggling with your tamariki/child's behaviour? Your partner's behaviour, family relationships or a traumatic event? We can work with you as a whānau or with each person individually to sort out the situation, help strengthen your whānau and keep you all safe.

Support for your tamariki/child?
Support for your tamariki/child?

Are you concerned about your tamariki's behaviour or emotional wellbeing? We'll help you to better understand your child and support her or him as they learn to manage their emotions and become more resilient.

Where to start

We deliver these services at home, in schools and other locations in:

  • Christchurch/Ōtautahi
  • Mid Canterbury: Ashburton/Hakatere
  • North Canterbury: Rangiora/Hurunui

To find out more get in touch with us today.

Frances changed the way I think and act. This resulted in a much better home experience for my family.
A Family Works client
This is an incredible service, and it has helped me and my family so much. I am very grateful for the time and genuine care I felt during our sessions.
A Family Works client
From a step-parents point of view, it was an eye opener to discover how my stepson, Matthew, is feeling and how to help him. Thank you.
A Family Works Client
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