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Dads Tuning in to Kids™

Building strong relationships

Dads Tuning in to Kids™ is a two-hour programme run over seven weeks. It acknowledges the vital role fathers play in the wellbeing and development of their tamariki, and offers skills and tools to support them in this role.

The programme provides fathers with information to support a greater understanding of their tamariki's developmental needs and emotional experiences, as well as information about their influence on this development. It includes specific training on how to help tamariki manage emotions such as worry, frustration and anger, developing emotional intelligence in tamariki and creating a stronger parent/child relationship.

Happy Dad with Children

Benefits for Dads

  • Greater understanding of childhood emotional experiences
  • Greater understanding of child developmental needs
  • Reduces tension and conflict within the family
  • Improves parental emotional awareness, regulation and communication styles
  • Aims to create a closer parent/child relationship
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Benefits for tamariki

  • Creates emotional intelligence
  • Better concentration at school
  • Greater success with making friends and keeping friends
  • Able to manage conflict with peers
  • More able to calm themselves when upset or angry
  • Closer connection with their parent

Programme content

Each of the Dads Tuning in to Kids™ sessions focuses on different aspects of parenting, including the challenges and various situations that can arise.

Session 1:
Session 1:

Father and child development

Session 2:
Session 2:

Emotion coaching - how to raise an emotionally intelligent child

Session 3:
Session 3:

Understanding your child’s emotional experience

Session 4:
Session 4:

Understanding your child’s fears and worries

Session 5:
Session 5:

Emotion coaching - sadness and anger

Session 6:
Session 6:

Challenging behaviour and sibling conflict

Session 7:
Session 7:

Fine tuning

Dad and Daughter Sunrise

Upcoming programmes

This programme includes 7 x 2 hour sessions held over a period of 7 weeks.

Venue: Te Korowai, 44 Bealey Avenue, Christchurch

27 February - 9 April 6 pm - 8 pm 

Expressions of interest

If you think this programme might be beneficial to you, please download this PDF. It can be completed digitally or printed, and emailed to:

Alternatively, you can complete the online Family Works referral form (this can be found at the top of any page on our website).

More information

Dads Tuning in to Kids™ is currently only available in this location:

  • Christchurch

If you would like to know more about Dads Tuning in to Kids™ contact us today and one of our team will be able to assist you.

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