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Parenting Through Separation

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We'll help you focus on your kids

Parenting is hard at the best of times, let alone when you are struggling with the pain and stress of a relationship breakdown, separation or divorce.


What you'll learn

The Parenting Through Separation programme provides you with practical advice to help you and your children/tamariki cope. You'll learn tips on how to better communicate with the other parent and how to plan for your tamariki once you are legally separated.

You are not required to attend the same programme as the other parent. A supportive family/whānau member is welcome to attend and you'll take home some helpful resources.

After the programme, you'll be better able to:

Discuss arrangements for your child's care with the other parent

Talk with your children about separation

Keep your children away from conflict

Make a parenting plan

Find other support services in your community

Upcoming programmes

The programme is one, four-hour session. Please call us to book a date.

Our upcoming programmes are listed below:


Ashburton: (215 Tancred Street)

17 February 2022 - 10am-2pm

07 April 2022 - 10am-2pm


Christchurch: (44 Bealey Avenue)

13 January 2022 - 10am-2pm

27 January 2022 - 10am-2pm

12 February 2022 - 9am-1pm

22 February 2022 - 9am-1pm

05 March 2022 - 9am-1pm

10 March 2022 - 10am-2pm

07 April 2022 - 10am-2pm 

12 April 2022 - 10am-2pm

07 May 2022 - 9am-1pm

17 May 2022 - 10am-2pm

18 June 2022 - 10am-2pm

21 June 2022 - 10am-2pm


Rangiora: (258 High Street)

17 February 2022 - 9am-1pm


Rolleston: (45 Shelley Street)

26 March 2022 - 9am-1pm


West Coast: (8 Frickleton Street)


08 March 2022 9.30am-1.30pm



West Coast: (Zoom)

17 January 2022 - 1pm-3pm

04 February 2022 - 10am-1.30pm

15 February 2022 - 4.30pm-7pm

21 March 2022 1pm-3.30pm

Where to start

Parenting Through Separation is offered in:

  • Christchurch
  • Mid Canterbury
  • North Canterbury

If you would like more information about this programme or to find out when our next course will be run please contact us.

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