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Crafting Resilience

12 March 2024
ian and ange 1

Ian’s woodworking journey flourishes with financial mentoring, ensuring his passion endures.

Ian, a gentle soul in his late sixties, finds solace and purpose in woodworking, a passion he shares with his community. As a seasoned teacher, Ian became renowned as the South Island’s woodworking guru, travelling around
the island, inspiring others with his craft.

Joining Menzshed a year ago, Ian eagerly embraced the camaraderie and creativity of the workshop. Bringing his own machinery and tools, he was delighted to share his expertise with fellow members.

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However, Ian’s world was shaken by a recent stroke, plunging him into financial uncertainty and jeopardising his cherished volunteer role. Recognising his distress, a social worker connected him with our Financial Mentoring service.

Angela, our dedicated Financial Mentor, visited Ian during his hospital stay, offering a compassionate ear and practical support. Together, they developed strategies to alleviate his financial pressures, consolidating debts and establishing a savings plan for emergencies.

ian and ange 2

Despite his resilience, Ian faced another obstacle: his worn-out dust mask, vital for his safety in the workshop. Learning of his predicament, Angela explored avenues for assistance, ultimately securing funding from a local trust for a new mask. Ian was overjoyed at the prospect of returning to his beloved woodworking pursuits!

Reflecting on his journey, Ian expresses profound gratitude for Angela’s support. In Ian’s words, “Things are different for me now. I have a handle on my budget and can see where my money is going. Ange is an angel, I wouldn’t be where I am, doing what I am doing, without her support”.

With newfound financial stability and a renewed sense of purpose, he eagerly resumes his woodworking endeavours, enriched by the kindness and generosity of those who stood by him in his time of need.

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