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Fostering Fun and Fellowship

14 June 2024
Poua Group Air Force 2024 edited

The Pōua Group is a dedicated space for male kaumātua/older people to come together, share stories, and explore the local culture and heritage.

With a cohort of around 10 gentlemen, the group has already embarked on two unforgettable outings, courtesy of the funding support from the Manchester Unity Welfare Trust Board.

Their excursions have taken them to some fascinating destinations, including the Air Force Museum and Ngāi Tahu Farms, where they’ve delved into the depths of history and tradition. These outings have been instrumental in fostering deep connections, aligning with their shared appreciation for the land we call home. 

The vision for the Pōua Group is simple yet profound - to gather once a month for outings to places of interest and cultural significance. These gatherings are organised by the efforts of the Kaiāwhina service, led by Deirdre Carroll and Hutika Crofts.

Poua Group edited

“It’s a real privilege to support our kaumātua, and to hear their deep connections with people and our land. It’s all about recognising the past and embracing ideas for the future,” Hutika shared.

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