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Supporting brighter tomorrow's!

12 March 2024
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Together, we're supporting brighter tomorrow's! 

We recently shared Hana’s* story with you, a young woman struggling with severe anxiety, yet found solace and support with our Youth Coach, Cassie.* Similarly, Kim* embarked on a journey to strengthen her bond with her daughter, Hailey*, during a challenging period following her separation.

Your donation supports parent’s like Kim, and young people like Hana, to learn new skills and strategies to improve their relationships and feel prepared for a brighter future.

These vital funds enable us to extend a lifeline to whānau, our beloved tamariki and young people, kaumātua and older individuals, ensuring that they remain connected and resilient members of our community.

We’re immensely grateful for your generosity. Without community support and donations, we simply couldn’t provide this crucial support. Together, we’re making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve. 

Your donation supports families to be resilient in times of adversity, fostering strength and unity.

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