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Collaboration Transforms Lives

31 August 2023
Carer Hands

Empowering resilience when times are tough. 

In our journey to make a real difference in people’s lives, we met Jane*, a courageous individual with a history of trauma who was facing an immense challenge.

Jane was living with her whānau but found herself in need of a personal space where she could tend to her own wellbeing. Dealing with both mental and physical health challenges, alongside navigating intricate family dynamics, made the task of seeking housing arrangements independently quite challenging for Jane.

Adding to this, Jane cherished her pets dearly, but unfortunately, this limited her access to rental properties.

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Right time, right support. 

Sensing the urgency, our dedicated social worker stepped in to provide essential support and assistance. Jane went on the social housing register, however with the current wait times, it was likely to take at least a year before a house was offered.

Jane was introduced to our counsellor who was able to support her with coping strategies during times of immense stress and low spirits, which were intensified by her housing situation.

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A new chapter ahead. 

The unexpected passing of her former partner added an additional layer of stress and despair for Jane. While she engaged in counselling sessions, our social worker continued to advocate for Jane, exploring alternative housing prospects. 

Thankfully, Jane was eventually offered a home through a social housing provider and is extremely grateful for the ongoing support she received from our dedicated staff.

Jane is relishing the process of beginning a fresh new chapter in her life while focussing on her physical and emotional wellbeing, with the continued support of our counsellor.

Do you know someone who could benefit from this type of support? 

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